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There are not people who do not know Amazon and what it offers people all over the world. Millions of developers, sellers and writers use this perfect service and its products to receive new clients, show the works and books written and develop their businesses. Amazon employs over 300 000 peole who support customers every day and night. The Company is considered to be the first online service focused on the selling of real goods of mass production. It is the biggest in the world company, which offers people the products in the Internet. According to the report of 2017, Amazon has currently separate websites for retail in the USA, France, Australia, India, China, Spain, Brazil, Japan and many others. The History of Amazon It was firstly created as a bookshop in 1994 by an American businessman and over some time (in 4 years) they started to offer also musical record and a bit later video products. In 2011 the shop gave the customers to choose among 34 new categories of products, including e-books, toys for children, food, sport goods, household appliances, and many other useful things. In 2011 there worked 30 000 of workers in the Company. Primary placement of shares happened on May in 1997. In a year, the Corporation decided to buy the Kiva System Company, who was the producer of warehouse robots to place the products automatically and very quickly. Only in 2014 Amazon informed about its intentions to open the first in the history offline-shop in Manhattan and over some time there appeared some information about opening of one more shop in San Francisco The Company is trying to determine the needs of the people who live in different countries. For example, they decided to open in India a great grocery retail segment. Amazon products and services available Amazon offers its customers a wide range of possibilities and products; the most popular today are the following:

  • Books and music

  • Different software

  • Products for body

  • Accessories

  • Musical instruments

  • Traditional electronics

  • Kitchen goods

  • Sport items

  • Tools for household

  • Toys and games

It is difficult to imagine how many traffic their website receive during Christmas period. In general their domain attracts more than 2,7 billion people per three month. Their server capacity have been improved due to considerable financial support to work properly which such a great audience globally. Amazon Company pays great attention to the relationships with the customers, B2B and between suppliers and the company itself. Using their Platform it is possible to sell everything you have offering people more new opportunities for different prices. Moreover they give free chances to earn the real money while posting their links and get money (Commission) after clicking and sales of the goods. Everyone can make his or her website using the Amazon platform and earn good money. This Company continue to be more and more popular attracting millions of people throughout the world. They are very strong in terms of determining the needs of their customers and provide service on the high level.

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Amazon is looking for a leader to expand Global Tax Platform that powers billions of dollars of accurate payments across multiple lines of business worldwide ...
Bangalore, Any, India
Assist sellers / vendors to get well versed with various Amazon tools and provide onsite and office support for catalog creation, listing products, shipment ...
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All Cities, Ontario, Canada
Are you an experienced cloud architect/developer who can assist our customers in architecting, developing and re-engineering applications that can fully ...
Tsawwassen First Nation, Any, Canada
At Amazon, we're working to be the most customer-centric company on earth. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people. If ...
Pune, Any, India
Interested to build the next generation Financial systems that can handle billions of dollars in transactions? Interested to build highly scalable next ...
All Cities, Ontario, Canada is seeking a highly-intelligent, high-judgment, self-motivated and well-connected public relations professional to join our strategic communications ...
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